1967 Established at 1225, Nagatuka, Gion, Hiroshima with capital ¥4 million
  1969 Moved to 100 Minami-Shimoyasu, Gion, Hiroshima
  1973 Kyushu office established, Osaka office established
  1978 Moved to 2 Shoukou-center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
  1979 Tokyo office established, Capital increased to 16 million
  1995 Tokyo office moved
  2001 The Second distribution center was established
  2002 Wuxi Kaili Knitwear Co., Ltd established
  2003 Ping Hu Sanhe Dyeing Co.,Ltd established, The Third distribution was estabulised
  2004 Ping Hu Sanhe Dyeing Co.,Ltd starts operations, Jiangyin Pinghe Sun-Shine Co., Ltd established and starts operations & Zhejang Wuliu Zhongxin Co., Ltd established and stars operations. Osaka office moved
  2005 Wakaba Shang Hai office starts operations
  2006 Suzhou Tensei Co.,Ltd starts operations
  2010 Shanghai office established on September
  2011 Sapporo office established
  2014 New Buiding & Logistics Center will be established on May
  2014 Headquarter moved to New Building on June
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